Workshop-special - Roy Hart voice-work:

The open voice-workshop - with Ulrik Barfod *

The voice is the muscle of your soul.
Roy Hart
The Roy Hart voice work starts from the principle that every voice is unique and has a great potential for expression.
This workshop is about discovering and developing your voice and your ways of expression. Through the exploration of your voice, body and ways of expression you will find a better relationship to your own voice and therefore a better relationship to yourself. You get in contact with hidden treasures of your personality and your possibilities of expression are able to unfold.
This workshop is open to everybody!

Contents of the workshop:
  • Body-breathing exercises
  • Voice training
  • Improvisation with voice and movement
  • Voice journeys for discovering and developing the voice and topics arround the voice
  • Work with the artistic and/or personal process
The workshop includes group and individual lessons.
Please bring material you would like to work with (e.g. a song or text learnt by heart)
To guarantee an individual work as much as possible there will be 12 participants max.
The lessons are held in English (translation into German if necessary.
24.-28. January 2020
Starts at 10 am the first day, finishes at 3 pm the last day
1. Tag - 10:00-13:30 und 15-17:30 Uhr
2. Tag - 09:30-13:00 und 15-17:30 Uhr
3. Tag - 09:30-13:00 und 15-17:30 Uhr
4. Tag - 09:30-13:00 und 15-17:30 Uhr
5. Tag - 09:00-15:00 Uhr
490,-€, additionally accommodation and self-supply
Registration possible until: 15th of December 2019
Quellhof- Bachtel/Oy-Mittelberg (Allgäu/south germany)

* about Ulrik Barfod

Born 1963. He studied music and singing at the university in Århus, Denmark.
He sang in different vocalensembles in Denmark and France.
Ulrik is a teacher and member oft he “Centre Artistique International Roy Hart” (C.A.I.R.H.) in Malérargues, France. He gives voice-workshops all over Europe. And he is teaching voice and movement at the University for music and theatre in Hannover, Germany (Hochschule für Musik und Theater).
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